PlaybookUX is a user experience testing software. We set out to make a user testing software for everyone because user testing is so valuable that we think everyone deserves, well needs, high quality insights.

Our easy to use platform allows you to set up an interview or self-test seamlessly, while taking the manual work out of research synthesis.

Here's a list of our features

  • Affordable pricing - pay as you go & subscription
  • Moderated and unmoderated research
  • Website and Prototype Testing
  • Panel of verified users
  • Bring your own customers
  • Unlimited Screener Questions
  • Automated Transcripts
  • A.I. Synthesis reports
  • We handle all incentives
  • Concurrent studies
  • Unlimited team members

If you see anything on our platform that doesn't look right, or if something's missing, don't hesitate to reach out with suggestions. We're all ears! 

Contact with questions.

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