We don't limit seats, so feel free to invite your entire team!

Here's how

Click on the icon on the top right of your screen. 

Click "Account"

You should see the 'add team members' module. Feel free to invite your whole team since we don't limit seats!

Write your team member's email addresses, separated by commas. When you're ready click Invite.

The emails will show up as 'PENDING'.

Your colleague will receive an email from PlaybookUX asking them to join your team.

Have them click the "Join Your Team" button in the email and sign up.

Now they're added to your account! You should see that reflected in the team member module as 'ACCEPTED'.

You can also invite your team members to join with a link.

Inviting by a link

To invite team members with a link, toggle the feature on. Toggling it on will generate a link.

The link will change every 24 hours to protect your teams privacy.

After togging on "Invite with a link" you'll see a box where you can copy the link.

Copy the link to share with team members.

What your colleague see when they sign up with a link

After pasting the link in their browser, they're asked to provide their name, email and set up a password.

Once they create an account, they will seeing a message like this. They will not have access to your team's information until you approve them.

You will have to approve them before they can access your workspace projects.

This is a security feature to protect the wrong person from accessing your teams data.

Approving a team member

Team members who sign up from a link will show up here.

You can either approve the team member or remove them. Additionally, you can designate the member's role as Admin or User.

  • Admin role: Admins can remove people from the account and change their access level. They can also delete the workspace.

  • User role: Users cannot perform the admin functions above. However, they can create and launch projects.

Once you approve them, they'll show up in the team members section. You'll be able to change their role or remove them.

Deleting a team member

Admins can delete team members who are no longer need access by heading to Account Settings and clicking "Remove" next to the person's email address.

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