First, determine the number of participants you'd like to test with. Five participants should be sufficient to uncover the majority of usability issues. However, companies typically opt for 6-8 participants.

Target the following attributes:

  • Age: The participants age

  • Gender: The gender that the participant identifies with

  • Ethnicity: The ethnicity that the participant identifies with

  • Household Income: The participant's annual household income, including salary, commission and bonus

  • Location - Country: Recruit from over 40 countries.

  • Location - US States: Target participants in the US by state. This is inactive if you aren't targeting people in the US.

  • Language: Our tool will localize the tester platform and transcribe the sessions in the language selected. 

  • Job Role: The participant's job function. We don't list job roles such as "Senior Product Manager". In order to target that demographic, select "Job Role: Product Manager" & "Seniority: Senior".

  • Current Work Status: The participant's employment status

  • Company Size: The size of the participant's company

  • Industry: The industry that the participant's company operates in

  • Seniority: The participant's rank and influence

If you're looking to reach specific quotas, learn more about Segmentation.

Qualifying Questions / Screener Questions

There are two types of questions: Single Select & Multiple Select.

Single Select questions only allow participants to select one choice. You can automatically qualify and disqualify people, depending on their answers.

  • Qualify

  • Disqualify

Multiple Select questions allow participants to select more than one choice. When it comes to multiple select questions, the "May Select" option exists. That comes in handy when you don't want to disqualify participants if they select a filler answer.

  • Qualify

  • May Select

  • Disqualify

Selecting "Other as an answer choice" adds an answer choice called "Other". It does not add a written response box.

Head here for an example of how to utilize the "may select" option to avoid biased questions.

When to use Qualifying Questions / Screen Questions

If you're looking for Senior Product Managers who use JIRA, first you should utilize the demographic and employment filters.

First, set Job Role to "Product Manager".
Second, set Seniority to "Senior".

Lastly, you can enter a multiple choice qualifying question to understand what tools the participants uses in their job on a weekly basis.

Note: we don't want to bombard participants with qualifying questions that could be asked with our filters. For example, if you're looking for Product Managers in NY, don't write qualifying questions, instead use our filters to target participants.

We don't charge extra for demographic / employment filtering and screener questions.

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