Tasks are the instructions that testers will verbally respond to while interacting with your website, prototype or concept.


Write context to set the scene for participants prior to them answering questions.

For example, if you're running a study to test the usability of an accounting software, you can write in the context:

"Imagine it's the end of a quarter and you're balancing your books."

We will not record the participant's voice as they read over the context.

Question types

You can select from any of the following questions.

  • URL
  • Task / Questions
  • Rating Scale (5 to 10 points)
  • Written Response

You can write as many tasks as you'd like, however keep in mind that sessions should not be longer than 15-20 minutes. Participants are compensated based on that length.


Link to a live websites, prototypes, wireframe, video, image app etc.

Question / Task

These are verbal response questions. Participants will answer them while interacting with the test link. 

Rating Scale

Ask participants to rate something on a 5 point to 10 point scale. 

Enter custom labels - for example, "1 = Very Difficult, 8 = Very Easy".

Written Response

Ask participants to write a response.

This is what the tester sees:

Rearranging Questions

Use the arrows to drag and drop questions.

Deleting Questions

If you'd like to delete a question, select the Trash Can.

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