The PlaybookUX Subscription plan includes unlimited 'bring your own participants.' When setting up a 'bring your own participants' unmoderated study, you're given a custom recruiting link to send to participants to invite them to complete the study.

Setting Up A 'Bring Your Own Participants' Study

Step 1: Create a new project by clicking the plus sign or 'create new project' box.

Step 2: A popup will appear. 

  • First, select 'set tasks for testers' (unmoderated)
  • Next, select 'bring your own participants'

Step 3: Continue through the project set up process. Enter the maximum number of people you'd like to receive responses from. This is helpful for companies who would like to send the study to a large mailing list.

Step 4: Once you have submitted the project, we'll generate a custom recruiting link that you can send to your participants. You will be responsible for handling compensation with your participants. If you'd like us to handle compensation for you, please contact us through our chatbot or

We've included sample email text that you can use as a template when inviting participants to your study.

Videos will be uploaded once they are received. You'll get an email when the first video is received and when the last video is received.

Participant View

When participants receive the link, they are prompted to enter their first and last name. If you'd like us to anonymize participants, contact us and we'll set that up. 

Also, participants are given instructions on taking an unmoderated test.

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