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Bring your own participants
Unmoderated: How do I bring my own customers to a study?
Unmoderated: How do I bring my own customers to a study?

Can I bring my own customers? How do I set up a study?

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PlaybookUX allows you to get critical user feedback with your own customers to understand to help improve their experience.

  • An unlimited amount of both moderated and unmoderated studies, with an unlimited amount of your your own participants

  • Studies conducted on laptop/desktop, tablets, or mobile devices.

Unmoderated 'Bring your own participants' 

The first step in creating an Unmoderated study for your participants is selecting “My Participants”, and then choosing which device your participant will be completing the study on.

After you name and provide a description for your study, select the number of participants you’d like to complete the study and include any number of qualifying questions. Qualifying questions, also known as Screener questions, are an effective way to disqualify users if they meet a specific criteria.

  1. Single-Select Questions - Allow you Qualify or Disqualify a user based on their answer.

  2. Multi-Select Question - Include “May Select” as an answer in addition to Qualify or Disqualify.

For example, a study on participants who use ride-hailing applications on their smartphones might include the following Qualifying questions:

Lastly, design your study to include a variety of Tasks, Questions, Rating Scales, Website URLs, and Written Responses.

Once you submit your study, you’ll be provided a link that you can send to your participants along with sample text that may be used. Please ensure all information is correct before proceeding by going through them in the "Summary" page. Click "Submit" when you are ready.

Studies operate on a first come first basis, meaning if you select 10 participants and send it out to 100, the study will no longer be accessible after 10 users complete the test.

Here is a video overview of how your participants will get set up with and conduct and unmoderated session.

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