What is a moderated interview?

During a moderated interview, you'll speak to a participant in real time. During a moderated session, you can ask participants questions, while sharing a website, prototype, app or more.

During a moderated session, participants can:

  • Share their video camera on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Share their screen to walk through a website, prototype or app
  • Receive chat messages
  • With your permission, take control of your screen so that you don't have to share the test asset

Setting up a moderated study

Start by clicking the plus sign, or the create new project button.

Select "Speak with Testers Directly (Moderated)" then select where you'd like to source participants from and which device participants should test on.

Select the length of the session. We offer 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions.

Select your target demographics and write screener questions.

Finally, submit the project. We'll begin recruiting. If you're targeting a general population, you'll see meetings appear within a day. However, if you're looking for a niche population (i.e. Lawyers in Japan) it will take a few business days.

Setting up your schedule

Next you'll set up your calendar. Click into the project you've just set up and head to Schedule.

Calendar Settings

Configure your calendar in the "Settings" section.

  • Time between bookings: avoid back to back sessions by setting a minimum time between sessions
  • Advanced notice before bookings: avoid last minute meetings by setting a minimum time until your next session
  • Max bookings per day: avoid scheduling too many meetings in a day by setting the maximum number of meetings per day.

Adding your availability

Scroll down to set your time zone and add your availability.

Drag & drop the times you're available and select "Submit Availability"

When participants are scheduled, you'll see their name appear in the Confirmed Sessions section.

Click into the actions menu to view the participant's screener survey.

You'll receive an email & invite whenever a participant is scheduled. In the meeting invite you'll notice a Zoom video conference link and the participant's responses to the screener questions.

At the time of your session, join the Zoom link. All videos will be uploaded, transcribe and stored in PlaybookUX.

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