Pricing Overview

This article is an overview of PlaybookUX’s pricing to help you determine the best option for you.

PlaybookUX allows you to recruit using the PlaybookUX panel, or using your own participants. You can also conduct multiple different methodologies including unmoderated, moderated, card sort and tree test.

Note; You can have a subscription AND utilize pay as you go for PlaybookUX participants. However, you're not required to have a subscription to use PlaybookUX.

PlaybookUX Participants Pay-As-You-Go

With our Pay-As-You-Go Plan, you can recruit from the PlaybookUX panel. There aren't any minimums nor maximums so you can stay on pay as you go as long as needed. However, we do offer discounts when you buy in bulk (starting at $10,000 USD). Email us at or chat us on our website to learn more.

Unmoderated Sessions

  • $49 for a 10 to 15-minute session / participant

Note: we do not stop the screen recorder at the 15 minute point but participants are only paid for 15 minutes of their time so please be respectful of their time while crafting your questions.

Moderated Sessions

  • $99 for a 30-minute interview / participant

  • $149 for a 60-minute interview / participant

Card sort/tree test

  • $12 / participant

Pay as you go FAQS

Do prices include participant payments?

  • Yes, all prices include tester payments/incentives.

How do I pay for pay as you go?

  • When you set up your study, you will be asked to enter a credit card to launch the study. Since we pay participants on your behalf, we require payment upfront.

  • You can add a prepaid balance to your account. Learn more

  • If you plan to conduct a lot of research, you can purchase in bulk. We will invoice you and will accept payment via ACH or wire.

How many team seats are included?

  • We don't limit the number of team members. You can invite as many team members as you'd like.

Do we change the price based on the demographic and screening criteria?

  • No. The price is the same regardless of the demographic/screening criteria.

Bring your own participants

If you plan to conduct research with your own participants, need SSO/SAML or want to conduct card sorts/tree tests - subscription is right for you.

Note: there is no charge per participant as you are responsible for incentivizing your own participants.

We offer two subscription plans.

Grow ($249 USD / month)

  • Unlimited "Bring My Own Participants" unmoderated testing, card sort testing & tree testing

  • Conduct card sort testing & tree testing with PlaybookUX participants (recruit from the PlaybookUX panel for $12 USD per participant)

  • Unlimited team seats

Scale ($449 USD / month)

  • Everything in Grow plus

  • Unlimited "Bring My Own Participants" Moderated testing


Features included in all subscription plans (both Grow and Scale)

  • Test on all devices (computer, tablet, mobile)

  • Automated transcription

  • Highlight reels

  • Block PII for unmoderated tests

  • Screener surveys

  • Audience & workspace templates

  • Qualitative and quantitative unmoderated question types

Why should I purchase a subscription plan?

  • If you plan to conduct research with your own participants, need SSO/SAML or want to conduct card sorts/tree tests - subscription is right for you.

  • If you're only looking to use PlaybookUX participants for unmoderated or moderated testing, you won't need a subscription plan.

Can I cancel at any time?

  • Yes. You can pause or cancel at any time.

Do you require an annual commitment?

  • No. We do not require an annual commitment. However, if you pay for the full year, we'll give you one month free.

Can PlaybookUX incentivize my participants for me?

  • PlaybookUX can handle incentivizing your participants. Learn more here

For Teams with multiple workspaces

For Workspace Pricing;

All subscriptions are billed on a workspace level. What this means is that any upgrade to a subscription plan is limited to the workspace it is done at. If your team has numerous workspaces and would like to upgrade all to a subscription plan, they will need to be upgraded separately. None of the workspaces within your team's account are connected on a billing level.

For Example;

PlaybookUX has a "Product Development" Workspace and a "Design" Workspace.

PlaybookUX Team will need to upgrade both workspaces within each accounts to have access to the subscription plan for both workspaces.

See our pricing page for more details!

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