Pricing Overview

This article is an overview of PlaybookUX’s pricing to help you determine the best option for you.


With our Pay-As-You-Go Plan, you can pay for research participants without any commitment!

These prices include tester payments.

Unmoderated Sessions

  • $49 for a laptop, tablet or mobile session / participant

Moderated Sessions

  • $99 for a 30-minute interview / participant
  • $149 for a 60-minute interview / participant

You will be prompted to pay at checkout via Credit Card. If you prefer to pay via invoice, chat us or email

Bring your own participants

We offer two plans for bringing your own participants.

A few things to note

  • Combine your participants with our panel at any time (pricing for our panel can be found under Pay as you Go or our Pricing Page)
  • PlaybookUX can handle incentivizing your participants. Learn more here
  • Pay for the year upfront and receive a month free

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