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Can I request the same testers for a study?
Can I request the same testers for a study?

Can I schedule follow up sessions with participants?

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Yes, you can request the same tester for a two part or for a follow up study! Using qualifying screener questions, you can set the participants up to expect a second test - we can still request the same participants if you do not include a screener question, however we cannot guarantee the tester will be available at the time you're looking to run another study.

If you know in advance that you are running a two part study, include a screener question on part 1 to ask the tester if they are willing to be a part of a two part study.

Here's a transcript of a sample screener question for a two part study.

This is a two part study. After completing this test, you will be asked to participate in another test at a later time. Are you willing to participate in both tests?

When setting up your follow up study, you will not need to include screener questions. Instead message our chat our support team and let them know.

Here's a message template you can use to send a message to our support team via the chat button in the bottom right corner.


Hope you are having a great day! I'm setting up a two part study and wanted to let you know that the project"PROJECTNAME" is a part 2 of a two part study - the first part is project "PROJECTNAME". I would like to recruit the same participants to complete this study.

After our support team confirms the details you should be good to go!

Note: If for any reason you would like to do a follow up study with the same participants without including the screener question at the beginning, we cannot guarantee that the same testers will be available for the second part. You can still request the same participants by messaging our chat support team and we will reach out to the participants asking them if they'd like to participate in your study.

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