Unmoderated Studies

You have 7 days to review participant submissions for unmoderated sessions. You may request a replacement in that time frame. A quality assurance specialist will review the participant's video and provide a decision. However, before you reject a participant's submission, please think carefully whether the rejection is justified. 

Participants will not be paid if you ask for a replacement. If you don't feel like a participant has been negligent, then please avoid replacing them.

How does PlaybookUX assess participant quality?

  • Do participants speak their thoughts aloud on every question?

  • While participants were speaking, did they provide insightful thoughts, feelings, and opinions etc. on the test asset OR did they simply read the text on the test asset without providing value?

  • Based on the number of questions asked, is the video long enough? Please keep in mind, participants are incentivized for 10 - 15 minutes. PlaybookUX does not turn off the screen recorder nor do we limit questions. However, if videos within a specific project are consistently over 15 minutes, we will not be able to offer a replacement. 

  • Is there consistent background noise or consistent audio issues

  • Is the tester consistently distracted throughout the video? Testers are human - some distractions will inevitably come up and are forgivable.

Note: If the instructions were confusing or there was a bug in the test asset, we cannot provide a replacement. To prevent these issues, launch your study with one participant to see if instructions are clear and the test asset works.

After receiving the first participant, assess the results. If you'd like to replace the link, or improve question quality, edit the questions. Once you've made changes, you can add more participants to the same study.

Personal Information:

It is very important that you ask for content if participants will be required to give or use personal information like emails, phone numbers, date of birth during a task or at any point in the study.

If instructions are not given, participants have the right to not give or use personal information during your study. We will not replace participants in this case.

Moderated Studies

  • If you believe the participant has misrepresented themselves, get off the call immediately and message us right after leaving the call. We will stop payment and provide a replacement.

  • If your participant does not meet the criteria of your study and does not give useful feedback, get off the call immediately ( 5mins into your session should give you enough feedback to determine if the session should continue or not). Message us right after leaving the call. We will stop payment and provide a replacement.

  • If your participant is having technical issues, allow 10mins for the participant to fix their technical difficulty. If there is no resolve, get off the call immediately and message us right after leaving the call. We will provide a replacement.

Related Resources

How to request a replacement participant

If you'd like to request a replacement participant, please message our chat support which is available on the PlaybookUX website and in product. Send us a message with the project name, the participants name and the reason you are requesting a replacement. Our team will quickly review the video.

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