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Is there a way to "pause" or "stop" a study that is in progress? 
Is there a way to "pause" or "stop" a study that is in progress? 

How can I pause or stop an in progress test?

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Note: You can only do this for 'bring your own participants' unmoderated and moderated studies.

Pausing or stopping a study

If you want to stop a study that's in progress, you can just reduce the number of participants in that study.

If you've set the participants that you want to receive videos from to 5 and you've received 4 videos and now you don't want to receive the 5th video. You can go to the study details page and change the number of participants to 4 so anyone who tries to take the study won't be able to take it. They'll receive a message that says "This study is closed."

Once you are ready to set it live again you can increase that cap to 5 people so another person can take the study.

Here's how to change the response cap

Then change the number of responses to the desired number

When you're ready to start receiving videos, you can increase the response cap.

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