Create clips of important moments of your user testing sessions. You can create clips in the normal viewing mode as well full screen mode.

Creating a clip

Open the video player. As you’re watching the session, and hear anything interesting, click “Create Clip”.

Two lines will appear on the video player. You can drag them to the start and end times. Alternatively you can click the up and down arrows to move the start and end times of the clip.

Add a note (it’s optional!).

Click Save Clip.

The clip will appear in the “Notes & Clips” section

Sharing a clip

Click the three dots menu then click “Share”.

Toggle on clip sharing.

Optionally, you can password protected for better security.

The person who views the clip will see the project name, participant and note below the video.

Editing a clip

To edit a clip, click the three dots menu.

Select “Edit Clip”

Adjust the time of the clip through sliding the bars or using the arrows next to the time stamps. You can also add or edit a note in this view.

Editing a note

If you’d like to edit a note, click “Edit Note”.

Deleting a clip

Delete a click by selecting the three dots menu. Next, select “Delete” and confirm on the pop up.

Learn more about our video player here

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