PlaybookUX participants agree to the following NDA before taking part in your study:

If you still need to distribute a custom NDA, there are two options.

Option 1: Add a screener question that links to your NDA. It should look like this:

Screener Question: During this study, you will be exposed to confidential information. Please review the following non-disclosure agreement: [insert link]. Do you agree to the terms of this NDA?

Answer 1: Yes, I agree to the terms of this NDA

Answer 2: No, I do not agree

Set 'Answer 2: No, I do not agree' to Disqualify so that those participants do not participate in your study.

Option 2. Distributing an NDA link

Here's how to distribute a link with DocuSign:

If you still need to add a custom NDA to your study, message us before launching your study with the link to the NDA. Companies like Docusign and Hellosign allow you to generate a link. We can distribute the NDA to participants who qualify so they can e-sign it prior to participating.

To reach out to our customer chat team click on the blue circle at the bottom right of our website to start a new conversation.

Option 2 will take longer and we recommend option 1.

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