With the PlaybookUX platform, you can test native Android & iOS apps.

When setting up your study, select "Smartphone" as the device type.

Make sure to select "Smartphone" as the device type:

If you'd like to test on a specific device, add a "Qualifying Question". For example, if you are testing an iOS app, write a question like this:

Crafting questions

Add the app's link in the URL field. You can link all sorts of things - Test Flight, App Store, Play Store etc.

  • Retrieving a Play store link
  • Retrieving an App store link

You can have participants search the app store for your specific app to ensure it is easily findable. After they have had a chance to search the app store, please link to your app since participants may not be able to find & download the correct app.

Next, add questions (i.e. Task / Question, Written Response etc). Be as specific as possible since mobile screens are small. Check out this post for creating study questions.

Here's how to add the tasks/ instructions:

Participant Perspective



Each time a participant takes a mobile app study, they'll see an instructions sequence. These instructions are different than the mobile website / prototype testing instructions.

Participants will have to flip back and forth between the PlaybookUX app and the test app.

These instructions are shown before the recording begins:

Once the participant starts the recording, they'll be prompted to download the app.

Once the study is complete, the video will be uploaded into the PlaybookUX dashboard.

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