During step 1, you will download & install the screen recorder. We've compiled video instructions on how to download the desktop app.

Click here if you'd like to watch a video of the full process instead of reading these articles!


1) Download Screen recorder: You should see two buttons on the landing page - one for Windows, one for Mac. To download it, click on either of the two buttons.

2) Install screen recorder: Once that's downloaded, find it in your downloads folder, double click on the application to install & open. We have step by step videos for all different browsers and operating systems here.

Now head to Step 2 where we'll cover finding and copying your code.

Other requirements for using the screen recorder

  • Participants must use a 64 bit computer (32 bit computers are not compatible)

  • Chromebook, Tablets and Smartphones are not compatible with the PlaybookUX desktop screen recorder

  • At least 80 MB storage is available

  • Stable internet connection

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