You are here because you've successfully; downloaded & installed the screen recorder in Step 1 and copied the code in Step 2.

Step 1: Click here to successfully download and install the screen recorder.

Step 2: Click here to learn how to copy your code into the desktop app screen recorder.


1) Copy the code: Take the code you copied in Step 2 and paste it into the desktop app.

2) Open the screen recorder: Click on the screen recorder icon on your device to open the app. Here's what the desktop app looks like when you open it. It will prompt you to paste your unique code.

3) Launch Test: The empty box is where you should paste your code. Remember: your code starts with playbookux:// . Once that's pasted, click "Launch Test"

4) Do a system check: The app will prompt you to do a system check to make sure your microphone is working. Here's what you will see:

5) Make sure your microphone is connected

If your microphone is not connected, you will not be able to proceed. Since you will be speaking your thoughts aloud, a microphone is essential!

Clients can reject videos if your microphone cuts out at any point during the study so make sure you have a stable microphone.

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