Canceling & Rescheduling

What is your cancellation and reschedule policy?

Please chat us to cancel or reschedule. Please note that we have a 24 hour cancellation / reschedule policy. If you cannot attend a session within 24 hours, we will pay out the participant's compensation and you will not be reimbursed / credited for the session.

Email or chat us the participants name and the project name within 24 hours of the session to reschedule.

If you decline a calendar invite, PlaybookUX and our participants will NOT be notified so you must chat us.

If you have more than 24 hours to go until your session time and would like to reschedule, please let us know the participant's name and we will share a new time with them.

Participant no shows

What happens if someone no shows?

If a participant does not show for a session, please wait 15 minutes before leaving the call. After 15 minutes, you can mark a participant as did not show.

Head to the Schedule tab & locate the participant's name under Confirmed Session. Click "Participant did not show".

We'll replace the participant as soon as possible.

Uploading & Transcribing

What happens after a session takes place?

Once a session is complete, we will upload & transcribe the video. Since it takes time to process and transcribe, please be patient - it might take longer than you expect!

Miscellaneous FAQs

Will I receive a confirmation email and calendar invite?

Yes! You will. After each session is booked, the person who set up the project will receive a confirmation email with the participants time, name and meeting link. You'll also receive an invite!

How do I view the screener survey?

View the screener survey by heading to the Schedule tab. Click "Actions" next to the participant's name then click "View screener survey".

How many observers can join my session?

We don't limit the number of team members that you can invite to the platform. However, please note that the participant will see all names on the Zoom call.

What if a participant doesn't have their camera on?

Ask them! Some participants have a local computer setting where their camera is off to start. Participants are more than willing to turn on their camera so don't be shy to ask!

What if someone misrepresents themself?

If you feel that a participant has misrepresented themself, let them know and get off the call immediately (before you hit the 5 minute mark). Chat us the participant's name and we will find a replacement and cancel the participants compensation.

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