What are reports? How do I use reports?

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Our reporting feature allows you to create summary reports to present to stakeholders.

Head into a project and click on the Reports tab.

Report features

  • Import clips & highlight reels

  • Collaborate real-time with team members

  • Share with a password protected link

  • Text formatting

  • Change the text color & text highlight

  • Add emojis & icons

  • Create tables

Importing research

To import clips & highlight reels, click "Add Research"

Click the box to select a clip or highlight reel then click "Add".

The video will appear on the report.

Real time collaboration

Invite your team members to collaborate with you.

View the team members who are currently working on the report

View their cursor and edits

Share the report with stakeholders

Click the Share button to share the report.

Add password protection for enhanced security.

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