PlaybookUX offers 2 different subscription plan options (Grow and Scale). Check out the subscription FAQ page to learn more about each plan.

If you're looking to upgrade to one of the plans, head to your account settings by clicking on the circle with your initial (on the top right of your screen).

Next, select the "Account" option.

Select the "Billing" tab.

Once you've selected the "Billing" tab head to the "Bring your own participants - subscription" section. You'll see a blue button call "Manage". Click on that.

After you select the "Manage" button, you'll be taken to a portal to upgrade to your desired plan. Select the blue button labeled "Update Plan"

Lastly, you just choose the type of plan you'd like to subscribe to. You can also choose if you'd like to be billed Monthly or Yearly. If you choose the Yearly options you'll receive one month free!

Select the option that works best for you and click the "Continue" button. Next, you'll be prompted to confirm. Once you confirm, just enter your payment details and you'll be subscribed!

You can pause or cancel at any time.

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