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Rate participants and provide feedback on their test

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One of the many ways we ensure quality testers for your research studies is our rating system. You can rate participants on a 5 point scale.

Rating testers improves the overall quality of our participant panel.

Rating system

5 - Extremely Helpful

4 - Very Helpful

3 - Somewhat Helpful

2 - A Little Helpful

1 - Not Helpful

To submit a tester rating, head to the participant's video. On the bottom right of the video, you'll see 5 gray stars. Click on any of the stars to rate the participant.

Once you click on the stars, you'll see a popup appear which allows you to include a message about why you rated the tester the way you did.

If you prefer to keep your message private, click the button "Keep my rating and feedback private". Otherwise, participants will receive an email with your rating and feedback to help them improve.

You can always change your rating by clicking on one of the stars again.

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