Utilize the universal search feature to search for anything in your workspace. PlaybookUX automatically indexes all of your notes, transcripts, reports, tags, highlights and more so you can easily find what you're looking for.

On the banner, you'll see a tab called "Search". Click on that tab.

Once you're on the Search tab, you can start search the following:

  • Unmoderated transcripts

  • Moderated transcripts

  • Project titles

  • Notes

  • Clips

  • Reports

  • Highlights

  • Tags


  • Projects filter: use the projects filter to the right of the search bar to narrow your results down to one or more projects

  • Data type filer: use the filter under the search bar to narrow down results to a specific type (i.e. Transcript, Notes, Clips etc).

As you continue to conduct research, take notes, build reports and tag key themes, search becomes more and more valuable!

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