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Set up a Workspace Template to create a reusable, custom test script templates.

Workspace templates are accessible by all team members in your workspace.

Creating a workspace template

There are two ways to create a workspace template.

  1. Create a template from a project that is 'in progress' or 'done'.

Click into a project and scroll down to the section labelled "Questions".

Click "Save as Template"

Clicking "Save as Template" will open a template modal. Enter the name and description of the template. Those will be visible when you import them into a future study.

Clicking "Save" will create the template. To edit or delete it, head to your Template Library by clicking the circle with your initial in it.

2. Create a template from the template library

To create a template from the template library, click on the circle icon with your first initial in it.

The dropdown menu will include a section that says "Template Library". Click on that.

This page allows you to edit both unmoderated test templates and saved audience templates.

Click "Create template" to start writing questions.

Editing or deleting a template

From the template library page, hover over the row and click on the Actions menu.

How to import an unmoderated test template

When you're creating a new project, you can recall the template on the "Create Questions" step.

To import a template, click on "Use a template".

The "Use a template" button will open a modal that allows you to import prewritten templates curated by the PlaybookUX team and any workspace templates that you've previously created.

Click the "Workspace Templates" tab on the left side of the modal to view the templates you and your team has created.

Click on the template you'd like to import then click the "Add" button.

Once you've added the template, you can edit the questions & links. None of the changes will be reflected in the template itself.

Removing a template from a project

To change or remove a template, click the "Active Template" dropdown.

  • "Choose another template" will open the template modal where you can select a different template.

  • "Remove template" will clear the template from the project.

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