When setting up a new test, you can easily import previous audiences to save time when setting up a project.

You can save

  • Demographics filters

  • Employment filters

  • Screener questions

Creating a saved audience

There are two ways to create an audience template.

1. Create an audience from a project that is 'in progress' or 'done'.

Head into the project and scroll down to the "Audience" section.

Click the "Save Audience" button.

Clicking "Save Audience" will open a modal. Enter a name and description of the audience. Those will be visible when you import them into a future study.

Clicking the "Save" button will create an audience template. To edit or delete your audience, head to your Template Library.

2. Create a saved audience from your Template Library

To create an audience from the template library, click on the circle icon with your first initial in it.

The dropdown menu will include a tab called "Template Library". Click on that.

This page allows you to edit both saved audiences & unmoderated test templates.

Click "Create Audience" to start building your audience. You can save demographic & employment filters as well as screener questions.

Editing or deleting an audience

From the template library page, hover over the row and clicking on the "Actions" menu.

How to import an audience

While you're on the Audience step of creating a project, click on "Use a saved audience" to open a modal.

The modal that appears will allow you to import your saved audiences.

When you're ready, click on the saved audience you'd like to import the click "Add".

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