The PlaybookUX team has created a series of popular and frequently used templates. They contain best practices to help you quickly and effortlessly get results. You can easily import these templates into a project.

In addition to this, you can now select specific questions to import into your study using the feature Popular Questions.

PS. Are you looking to create a custom template for your workspace? Take a look at our Workspace Template article

Using a PlaybookUX template in a project

When you're creating a new project, you can add the template on the "Create Questions" step.

To import a template, click on "Use a template".

The "Use a template" button will open a modal that allows you to import prewritten templates curated by the PlaybookUX team and any workspace templates that you've previously created.

You can view the questions before importing them by clicking "View # Questions".

Once you've found a template that fits your objectives, click on the template then click the "Add" button.

The questions will be imported.

Once you've added the template, you can edit the questions & links. None of the changes will be reflected in the template itself.

Removing a template from a project

To change or remove a template, click the "Active Template" dropdown.

  • "Choose another template" will open the template modal where you can select a different template.

  • "Remove template" will clear the template from the project.

Using Popular Questions in a project

To select specific questions for your study out of a template, click "Popular Questions," located next to the Use a Template button.

You will then be able to see a list of questions broken down by type of study, or choose a type of study from the drop down menu to narrow down your results!

Click the checkbox next to the questions you would like to add to your study and click "Add."

Once they are in your project you can edit the wording, move them around in order, duplicate them, or delete them.

Overview of PlaybookUX templates & objectives

  • Mobile app testing: Discover how easy it is for participants to complete tasks on your mobile app

  • Messaging comprehension: Learn how participants feel about product/service messaging and copy

  • Buyer persona (professionals): Understand how professionals make buying decisions

  • Messaging comparison: Compare and evaluate two messages to see what resonates with your customers

  • Shopping cart experience: Test how easy it is for participants to navigate your shopping cart

  • Email comprehension: See how your customers react to email content, images and call to actions

  • Ad comprehension: Gather feedback on digital, print and billboard ads

  • Card sort: Collect verbal feedback during a card sorting exercise

  • Chatbot experience: Learn how participants engage with your website's chat experience

  • App store & Play store experience: Uncover what people think when they arrive at the App store or Play store to download your app

  • Visual design comparison: Compare two designs and see which design participants prefer

  • Social media post evaluation: Understand what customers think about your social media post

  • Brand perception: Understand how people perceive your brand

  • Visual design evaluation: Gather feedback on a visual design

  • Pricing: Learn how customers feel about the price of your product/service

  • Buyer persona (consumers): Understand how consumers make buying decisions

  • Customer satisfaction: Ask customers about a recent experience they've had with your product or service

  • Concept validation: Test a new concept with your target audience

  • First impressions: Discover what people think when they first land on your website

  • Competitor analysis: Compare two websites to see which participants prefer and why

Want to request a template? Use the chatbot in our website/product to request one!

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