If you feel a participant didn't meet your expectations or the criteria you were looking for you can request a replacement participant if it's is within 7 days of receiving the video. Learn more about replacement participants.

However, we don't provide refunds for participants. In the case you have a very difficult to meet demographic, we will do our best to recruit the demographic you are looking for. Often, if we are having trouble recruiting a participants changing a few of the filters or screening criteria will open up the study to more participants. In order to update the screeners or change any demographic information, please chat our chat support and they can update the study for you.

If we've changed the screener questions and still aren't able to meet the demographic you are looking for, we may offer you credits for the remaining participants in a study that did not meet quota. You may get the credits back to their PlaybookUX workspace if this applies.

Credits are returned to the account's prepaid balance (they are not refunded to your payment card).

Please note, we do not refund for studies where participants have already been paid.

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