When crafting questions for your unmoderated study, some tasks that you need participants to complete include sensitive personal information. In order to protect the testers privacy, PlaybookUX offers a feature called "blur PII" that allows you to blur the participants screen while they are completing the sensitive task. You'll still be able to hear their voice during the task.

When to use the blur feature;

Use the blur feature if you need to require participants provide sensitive information such as; Date of Birth, Email Address or any information that shows unique information about them.

How it works;

Here's a step by step guide on how to use the blur feature

What you should know about the blur feature;

  • The blur feature hides personal or sensitive information of the testers in a particular question.

  • The blur feature cannot automatically detect sensitive information. You must enable the feature in the task or question when you are setting up the unmoderated study. Once the study is complete, there isn't a way to unblur or blur the task.

  • We cannot unblur parts of the video if you mistakenly blur it

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