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Setting up a card sort
Setting up a card sort

How do I create a card sort project?

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To create a card sort project, head to your Projects dashboard.

Click on the button "New Project"

Click "Create" under card sort.

Name your project, write a description and select who you'd like to get feedback from.

Participants won't see the name and description - those are for internal purposes only.

You'll need a subscription to the Grow or Scale plan to utilize the card sort feature.

If you want to get feedback from the PlaybookUX panel, you can target participants on the Audience page. Select from a variety of demographic and employment filters or create your own screener questions.

Learn more about targeting participants and screener questions here.

If you choose to gather feedback from your own participants, we'll generate a link that you can share with them.

After making an audience selection, you'll start adding cards & categories.

Determine if you'll conduct an open, closed or hybrid card sort.

  • Open card sort: With an open card sort, participants sort a list of items into groups that make sense to them. Participants are free to assign whatever names they want to the groups they’ve created. View an example

  • Closed card sort: With a closed card sort, participants sort a list of items into predefined categories. They cannot update category names or add additional categories. View an example

  • Hybrid card sort: A hybrid card sort is where you provide your users with predefined categories, similar to close card sort, but you also allow them to create their own categories, if they don’t find a good fit from those provided and need to create their own. View an example

Creating Cards

  • Card name: enter the names of each card that you'd like participants to sort

  • Tooltip descriptions: this will appear as an info icon to further clarify a card

  • Image: Upload an image to see how participants sort images into categories

How do I add a new card?

Click "Add Card" to add a new row

How do I delete a card?

Clicking the trash icon will remove the card name, description and image.

How do I rearrange cards?

Drag and drop cards using the move icon.

Creating Categories (this is only applicable for hybrid and closed card sorts)

  • Category name: enter the names of each category that participants should sort cards into.

How do I delete a category?

Clicking the trash icon will remove the category.

How do I rearrange categories?

Drag and drop categories using the move icon.


  • Randomize cards: randomize order your cards are displayed to participants

  • Randomize categories: randomize order your categories are displayed to participants. This is only applicable for closed and hybrid card sort.

  • Tooltip descriptions: adding a tooltip description will add an info icon to the card. It helps clarify cards that aren't obvious.

  • Upload images: See how participants sort images into categories.

  • Hide card names: Selecting 'hide card names' will not display the card name to participants whenever there is an image.

Hide card names selected

Hide card names is deselected


Once you've set up your card sort, customize the Instructions.

You can customize the welcome page, instructions and thank you page. Customizing instructions allows you to add a message to participants or localize the platform to a specific language.

If you'd like to reset instructions to the PlaybookUX default text, select the button "Reset page to default"

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