Conducting an unmoderated card sort is a great way to understand why participants sort certain cards into groups. It allows you to get inside the participant's head to gather qualitative insights.

Here's how to conduct an unmoderated sort

  1. Create a card sort project by following the steps in this article. When you set up the card sort, select "Get feedback from - My Participants"

Once the project is created, you'll receive a link. Head into the project to copy that link.

2. Create an unmoderated project by following the steps in this article.

3. While setting up unmoderated tasks, add the card sort link to the URL field.

You can also use a template of questions that will get the participants speaking their thoughts out loud while taking your card sort. To add the template, click "Use a template".

Scroll down to "Card sort", select it then click "Add".

Clicking "Add" will import the questions. Once you update the URL, you're good to go!

A subscription to the Grow or Scale plan is needed to conduct card sorts.

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