Research conducted with the PlaybookUX participant panel:

A standard unmoderated study should take around 15 minutes of the participants time.

However, we know that some participants take longer than others to complete studies so we won't shut off or stop the screen recorder after 15 minutes. Please note, participants are paid for 10 - 15 minutes of their time so try and structure your study with that in mind! We recommend testing one idea or concept during your study. We typically see companies launch studies between 10 - 35 questions.

If participants feel a study is longer than 15 minutes they are instructed to flag the study to our team. Once participants report a study, our customer chat team will pause the study and reach out to the researcher who launched the study to request to split the study into two separate studies to accurately compensate participants for their time.

For more information on how to build effective tests, read our tips on crafting unmoderated questions and tips on conducting a moderated research study

Research conducted with your own Participants (Bring Your Own Participant) :

There is no time limit for a standard unmoderated "Bring Your Own Participant" study on the PlaybookUX platform. However, we advise that you keep your test questions simple and short. Long tests will typically take longer to receive responses from testers.


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