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Analyzing your tree test

To analyze your study, click into the project. To view the individual participants response, click on the "participants" tab.

Click on the orange button to the right of the participants name to view their tree test response.

You'll be able to view each of the tasks and the path that the participant took before clicking "I'd find it here". Each task will be categorized as direct success, indirect success, direct failure and indirect failure.


  • Direct success: the participant went directly to the correct answer without backtracking or clicking into irrelevant nodes

  • Indirect success: the participant eventually found the correct answer but they clicked into a different node and backtracked towards the correct answer

  • Direct failure: the participant directly went to an incorrect answer without backtracking or clicking into other nodes

  • Indirect failure: the participant clicked into different nodes and backtracked before selecting an incorrect answer

You can view the participant's path and see where they backtracked during the task.

To view aggregated analytics, click on the Analytics tab.


The first section is an overview of your study across tasks.

Total Success

At the top you'll see the "Total Success". This chart will show you the overall success across all participants and all tasks. The higher the number the better. A great Total Success is > 80%. That means that across all tasks, 80% of participants selected the correct answer.


The chart to the right is labeled "Directness". This will show you the percentage of participants that select the correct answer without backtracking. Backtracking means that participants went down a specific path, but realized it was incorrect.


Below those charts, you'll be able to view how all participants performed by tasks. Each bar is a task and you'll be able to see roughly how many participants had direct, indirect success & direct, indirect failure.

From this chart, it looks like participants struggled on Task 2 as there's a large percentage of people who directly & indirectly failed. You can dig into that task on the "Task Success" tab.

You can hover over each bar to see the task and the % breakdown.

Task Success

The next tab "Task Success" you'll be able to analyze each individual task.

In the below example you can see that 34% of participants had a direct success while 57% of participants had an indirect success. Few participants had direct failure (3%) and indirect failure (3%).

You can also view charts for follow up questions under each task.

First click

In this tab, you can analyze what nodes participants visited first & during the study.

If participants visit a branch first, that indicated that their first instinct is to click on that brand. If a specific task has a high % of indirect success, review the first click chart to understand where that item should be categorized.

Visited First will add up to 100% since participants can only click on one branch first

Visited During this study will not add up to 100% because participants can visit that branch at any time during the task

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