How to delete a video

Delete a video, remove a video

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Here's how to delete a video during a bring your own participant's study:

  • Head into the project

  • Click the Participants tab

  • Expand the row of the participant you'd like to delete.

Click "Delete video"

Select "Yes, delete video" on the popup.

After a video is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

From a security perspective, we soft delete items for 30 days. After 30 days, they are hard deleted and removed from our database.

You can delete a full PlaybookUX project by clicking into the 3 dots menu.

If you want to delete an individual video from a study conducted with PlaybookUX participants, please message our chat support team requesting the video to be deleted.

Here's how to start a new chat conversation:

Click the blue button on the bottom right of either the PlaybookUX website or application

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