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Improving your participant rating
Improving your participant rating

Learn how to improve your participant rating

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Here are tips to ensure your next study is a success.

Before the study

  1. When applying for the study, please answer all screener questions truthfully. Our clients use screener questions to ensure that qualified participants are taking their studies.

  2. Close out of all tabs, windows, or other private information that you don’t want to be recorded.

During the study

  1. Make sure to fully read the context so you're in the right frame of mind

  2. Read each question out loud and speak all of your thoughts out loud consistently throughout the study.

  3. Make sure the audio coming from your microphone is loud and clear

  4. Take the study in a quiet place without noise & distractions

  5. Don't skip questions

  6. Don't simply read content off the page. Instead, provide feedback about what you like, dislike or would improve.

  7. Don't rush. Take an adequate amount of time to complete each task.

If you're signed up for a moderated study, make sure to join the meeting at your scheduled time from the correct device. Do not show up late as moderators will mark you as did not show if you are not on time.

At a glance

Do this:

  • Answer every task / question

  • Speak loudly & clearly

  • Perform the study in a quiet room without distractions

  • Take at least 10 minutes to complete the study

  • Talk about what you like, dislike or should improve

Don't do this:

  • Read the content off the page

  • Say everything looks “ok” without suggestions for improvement

  • Skip questions

  • Pause the test for a long period of time

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