Once you have reviewed all your participant's videos, you can compile any clips you pull into a highlight reel to share with your team and include in your report!

To create a highlight reel, first click "Highlight Reel" at the top of the screen.

This page will show you any created reels that you can share, download, and edit, but to create a new one, click "Create Highlight Reel."

All clips that have been created in your workspace will pull up on the left side, with the most recent clip at the top. You can view the Project Name, any notes left on the clip, and any tags included - if you would like to narrow down the clips to a specific project or a keyword, type it into the search bar to pull up the applicable clips.

Once you have found a clip you would like to include in your highlight reel, just click and drag it over to the right below the video player.

Your highlight reel will automatically generate as clips are pulled over and rearranged.

If you need to edit the length of any clips included in the highlight reel, click the participant's name and time stamp in the bottom right corner of the clip's box.

Once the video has loaded in the screen, click "Edit Clip" next to the Project Name (located directly below the video player) - you will be taken to that participant's video and section where the clip was time stamped where you can edit the note and length!

Once you are happy with the arrangements of your clips, give your highlight reel a title above the video player - your highlight reel will save automatically so you can close out of this screen.

To share your highlight reel with your team, click on the "Highlight Reel" tab at the top of the screen and locate the reel you want to share. Click the three dots in the top right corner to access a menu of options, and click "Share."

Click enable sharing to get a link to the highlight reel to share with your team on and off of PlaybookUX! You can also password protect this link for additional privacy if you choose.

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