Often you'd like to invite your team to your research sessions so they can watch and listen to the participant feedback in real time. PlaybookUX allows you easily invite your team to your moderated sessions.

You can invite your team when you are setting up your project and/or after you've launched the project.

Important: your team members need to be invited to the PlaybookUX platform first before being added to a moderated study.

To invite your team when setting up a moderated project, head to the "Summary" step in the project creation flow.

You'll see a section called "Collaborators"

When you click into the drop down, you'll see all of the team members that are a part of your workspace. Once you add your team members, they will receive all calendar invites for the sessions. They will be able to join the research session from the calendar invite.

If you've already set up your project and would like to add team members as collaborators, not a problem! Head into the project, on the "Study" tab you'll see a section called "Collaborators". Feel free to invite your team.

Important: team members will only receive calendar invite for future sessions.

If a participant has already booked a moderated interview before you added a team member as a collaborator, the collaborator won't receive the calendar invite. However, they can still join the session by clicking on the "Schedule" tab and clicking "Join Meeting button in the "Confirmed sessions" section.

You can invite collaborators to both PlaybookUX participants sessions as well as bring your own participants sessions.

At the time of the session, the collaborators will be able to join the session but the researcher that joins first will be the host. All collaborators will be visible to the participant, they are not hidden.

The SCALE plan is required to access this feature.

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