Organize PlaybookUX research projects into folders.

Organization within PlaybookUX is as follows:

  • Workspaces are different teams and high level initiatives within your organization

  • Folders Groups are groups of 2 or more folders

  • Folders contain multiple projects

  • Projects are individual studies you've run with 1 or more testers.

Create a folder by heading to the account icon and clicking "Manage Folders".

Create a folder group by clicking "Create Folder Group".

A modal will appear where you can name your folder and write a description.

Once you've added a name and description, click "Save".

You will see a row appear for your Folder Group. Click into the row to add a Folder.

Once you've expanded the row, click "Create Folder" to add a folder.

Clicking "Create Folder" brings up a modal.

Fill out the details and click "Save".

Once you've saved your folder, you can add projects to it from the Projects screen.

Adding projects to a folder

To add projects to a folder, click into the three dots menu on the project that you'd like to move.

Click "Move to".

Select the folder that you'd like to add the project to and click Move. You can only add a project to one (1) folder.

Note: Projects can only be added to Folders, not Folder Groups.

To see all the projects in a certain folder, use the filter on the Projects screen.

Editing & Deleting a Folder

Head to the Manage Folders page.

Hover over a row to see the Actions menu.

To delete the folder, click Delete from the actions menu.

Moving folders between groups

To move folders between folder groups, click "Edit" on the Actions menu. Then, click into the "Folder Group" dropdown to change the group.

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